TraSeable Solutions

Transforming Seafood Supply Chains Through

Collaborative, Transparent Traceability

Complete, Digital Traceability

Based on your requirements our digital-platform provides complete bait to plate traceability. Find out more....

Blockchain-tech to prevent Manipulation

We provide a Blockchain-based platform for improved data security and transparency. Find out more....

Real Time Analytics

Our platform provides near real time analytics allowing you to reduce losses and improve efficiency. Find out more....


Improve fleet management by allowing software to generate permits. Find out more....

Keep Track of Assets

Our platform allows you to keep track of all company assets, records and contracts allowing for improved administrative management. Find out more....

Complete, Digital Traceability

Reduce the amount of product that goes to waste through improved order management. Find out more....

About us


TraSeable Solutions Pte Ltd is a Fijian tech start-up that supports global seafood sustainability through a blockchain-ready software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for seafood traceability that fosters collaboration between stakeholders, leverages and integrates Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and facilitates transparency by providing regulators with the means of verifying and validating end-to-end forward and backward traceability of seafood products.

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