Our services include:

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Traceability Platform

We provide a number of information products as a service to key stakeholders along the seafood supply chain.  These products are delivered through our secure TraSeable cloud-based collaborative platform on a subscription basis.

  • Fleet – manage your entire fleet and associated information like crew, operational expenses, and maintenance.
  • Harvest – capture harvest details including trip information, catch logsheets, fishing ground analytics, and reporting services.
  • Landing – manage landed catch and tracks sales and distribution.
  • Authorisations – improve efficiency and cut costs by applying online for permits and other authorisations.
  • Analytics – generate analytical reports on your key data.
  • Establishment Management – manage information on facilities including processing plants, cold stores, etc.
  • Fish Accountancy – account for all raw fishery products entering your processing plant, maintain cold storage records, and manage production records.
  • Packaging and Exports – manage fish labeling, packaging and consignment export records.
  • Analytics – generate analytical reports on your key data.
Exporters and Importers
  • Exports – manage fishery product export data and maintain required market access regulatory data and information.
  • Analytics – view reports on consignments, maintain compliance of various market import traceability rules like the US Seafood Import Monitoring Program
End Buyers
  • Fish Story – public interface where you can see where your fishery product originated from.
Regulatory Authorities
  • Authorisations – process applications for permits, licenses, registrations, and other authorisations from industry.
  • Food Quality and Health Certification – record audits and inspections including checklists used and samples collected, and issue Health Certificates.
  • Catch Verification and Certification – improve catch verification time with access to electronic data from industry, perform forward and backward traceability with electronic data, and generate Catch Certificate.
  • Analytics – view detailed analytics and reports on fishery products associated with audits, inspections, export consignments, and certificates issued by regulatory authorities.


We recognise the growing interest in using blockchain technology for supply chain applications and offer consulting services for organisations that are interested in tracking their products through the supply chain with blockchain technology.

We bring with us our experiences in the Pacific working on seafood traceability with blockchain technology and also our strong background working in developing states with varying degrees of ICT infrastructure and local resources.

Speaking Engagements

We have been approached to speak at a number of events recently about the work we do in supply chains and blockchain technology and are more than willing to share our experiences at any future events.